Today, earth moving Equipments and Heavy transportation Equipments are blood stream of the Modern-day development of any economy. The urbanization of Rural area in most of the developing and under-developing countries, reduction of the scarce manpower resources, urgency of the project and high mobilization cost of the manpower globally, the development pace of the infrastructure has increased for the demand for Heavy Equipments and Machineries by manyfold. These machines make the development tasks which were earlier impossible, to now possible, due to advancement in technology and innovation.
In the construction industry for infrastructure development, government-initiated projects, like building roads & bridges, Dams, Power-Plants and Mega-Architectural infrastructure as an industry and converting barren land / deserts into agriculture land with the concept of green revolution to feed the masses locally & globally as an industry.
As time passes these machines will replace more labour resources and “AI” will push the Industrial machines to replace the manpower in the construction and infrastructure industry in the overall development of the world economy.


heavy Equipment repairing
UAE in general and Dubai in particular have got a lot of heavy Equipment repairing garages and reconditioning workshops. The spare-parts (used/new) are always available locally with ease due to the huge market size of this industry. Savetech is able to offer the services of reconditioning as per the customers requirement in their allotted budget economically along with fast remodeling time frame. This will support the buyers as they can use the Machine / Equipment from the day it reaches its destination.


Keeping in mind scarcity of the RO-RO vessels and the break-bulk vessels to carry these machines to its final destination like small ports and landlock countries, customers usually spend lot of money on transit ports to reach its final destination.

Savetech has come with a new strategy to reduce the cost of transportation, with a new working philosophy which caters to the customers need by reverse engineering of such machines in a professional way by dismantling and stuffing the machines into containers with perfect marking and flow diagram to reassemble the machine in its original form.


Customers can save in the freight charges and move the machines to its final destination with the fastest FCL Container Services globally by 40’ HC, Flat-Rack or Open-Top containers. The customers can move the cargo same time and save money on the freight, because RO-RO and LO-LO services are far expensive when compared to container services for shipping.

If the client requires, we can also send our engineers and in-house technicians to the destination to assist the buyers to fix the Machinery / Equipment back to its perfect working condition.